I’m Moving…Again

So I’m packing my bags once more as I move house for what seems like the millionth time (in reality it’s probably the 8th or 9th time) and it’s with a heavy heart that I leave this particular flat because it’s been a great place to live for the past 2 years.

Not only is it in a great location (close to Greenwich station), it has large rooms, big windows and a feeling of space and airiness. But alas, my time here has come to an end and I’m moving westwards to be closer to friends and to save a bit of money in the process.

Despite having gone through this whole process so many times, it doesn’t make it any more enjoyable or any less stressful. I am not a very organised person and packing everything neatly into boxes is just not my idea of fun but I guess I have no choice and I just have to remember that it’ll make the actual move a lot easier.

And then I have to locate a good end of tenancy cleaning company in London to come and blitz my current place from top to bottom so that I get every last penny of my deposit back. Again this is hassle I could do without but I know that if I leave it to my landlord to sort out, he’ll get an expensive cleaner in because it’s not his money but my deposit that is being spent.

I sometimes wonder why we, as tenants, are subject to these stipulations because I’m sure I could clean the place pretty thoroughly if I wanted to. But it says in my tenancy agreement that because it was professionally cleaned before I moved in, this must be carried out after I leave too.

I think this time I’m going to try and stay put for a good number of years because this is all getting too much and I realised the other day that moving flat costs me hundreds of pounds each time in reference fees, removal services, those cleaners I mentioned above and the inevitable cases where I need to buy something for the new flat.

Oh well, it’s not like London rental prices are cheap anyway…I better get back to the packing!